Symbols of Society

S.O.S to Art (25years on).
My name is Glenn Fitzpatrick A.K.A FITZY (Gulf War veteran 1990-1991, author, artist), since leaving the army (QRIH) it has been an interesting venture going from war into education then trying to survive as an artist whilst trying to adapt to civilian society. After leaving the military I decided to go back into education and study to become an artist. I was constantly told I should write a book so I wrote and illustrated one, and was lucky enough to get it published.
This book documented my journey from what it is being soldier then trying to fit back the world, basically a hit rock bottom story with a light at the end of the tunnel. My intention with this was to make a book that others that share a journey similar to mine and suffer the effects of war can relate to and hopefully see there are other ways to channel aggression and reintegrate back into society.
About my art!
I chose to artistically document via drawing and sculpture how society has developed a trend for controversial suspicions and conspiracies since GW1, it seems the arts has become more poignant and still has the power to play a key role within the elements of propaganda.
I have been working according to how our society has presented itself to me, I have noticed a growing awareness of people waking up to political disbeliefs and developing an appetite for protest. It is hard to tell what is the pure truth and how accurate our history really is, all I can say is as an ex soldier and seeing things that will live with me for the rest of my life, I along with a lot of other colleagues of similar nature only wish to have contributed into making the world a better place.
As aware as we are, our current situation within this world seems to be based on the divisions between rich and poor and how we got to this point where the planet feels vulnerable. Wishing for peace and equality I have been working on a project called ‘Symbols of Society’ (S.O.S), for the past decade I have illustrated and made sculptures that have highlighted the issues of politics and war. My intention is to raise and awareness of our past and place emphasis upon how we can learn from it, and contribute towards building a more secure and beneficial future.
It has almost been 25 years since GW1, I have spoken with members who have served and feel their contribution has counted for nothing and have felt a guilt ever since. Some have turned to drugs, alcohol and crime, ashamed to admit it like myself when I was lost. What I am trying to say is I got up and thought never too late, the arts and education has paved the way for me and hopefully will come to my salvation. I have learned from my past as a once was proud soldier never to give up on yourself, there is more to life then guilt and suffering.
Consider me a conscientious objector if you will, as I take no sides and refuse to hurt others for a corruptors gain. I feel the world is becoming a melting pot; there should be no sides only harmony, we need to respect each other in heritage and belief. If only we could communicate creatively without offending then we may strive towards a beautiful planet of art, creativity and culture.
My art may be raw, poignant and thought provoking but it is made with love, passion, and respect. I want to share something that can reach out and bring humanity together, I may only be small and one but this is my contribution, please may we find a way to help and share it...

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