Take Cover

“Take cover!” screams one of the soldiers as he dives behind a piece of debris on the street. Explosions rock the abandoned city, one of the hiding soldiers shakes violently. Another solder crawls towards him. “How many Jackson?” he asks his comrade, “just the one” Jackson replies with a sense of exhaustion in his voice. Jackson notices a piece of broken glass on the ground near him, picking it up he raises it slightly above his head. Catching a slight reflection of a hulking figure carrying an other-worldly weapon. Jackson looks across the street to see a slightly collapsed wall, “we need to move from this spot” he says, “that will difficult Jackson” Smith replies. The beast in front of them hefts its weapon and grunts, the weapon makes a silent humming sound that gets louder and louder. Jackson’s eyes widen as he grabs Smith by his arm and screams “he’s getting ready to fire, move! move! move!.” Both soldiers dash towards the wall while the weapon fires. They feel a drastic change in temperature from the weapon’s effects. It’s as if the temperature increased by fifty degrees. It feels like an earthquake is chasing after them. The ground behind them crumbles and cracks as they run. They finally reach the wall, panting with sweat covering their faces. Smith gingerly looks back to see their previous cover has been completely obliterated. “That could’ve been us,” says Jackson. Smith slowly nods his head while heavily breathing. “We need to take this thing out,” Smith’s voice trembles as he speaks. Jackson peaks through a hole in the wall, “cover me” he says. “Wait what are you doing?” Smith asks. “Cover me Smith” repeats Jackson, Smith confused nods his head. He quickly rises up gaining the beast’s attention, it turns to him. Smith fires, the beast lets out a deafening roar in pain. Jackson bolts towards it grabbing its weapon. Jackson tries disarming it, but the arms feel like tree trunks. Jackson then shoots the beasts leg, the beast screams and drops the weapon. Jackson raises his pistol towards its head when its large hand wraps around his throat. The beast easily lifts Jackson off the ground and plunges its hand through his chest. Jackson screams, Smith enraged leaps over the wall and shoots wildly at the beast. The beast screaming, absorbs the bullets and takes a step back. Jackson is dropped on the ground, Smith keeps shooting. The beast collapses onto one knee, Smith continues to fire until the rifle empties. The beast lets out a final scream and falls to the ground. Smith runs to Jackson cradling his head on his lap. “Stay with me,” he says to Jackson’s whose eyes begin time flutter, his body completely torn apart. “Stay with me, Jackson!” Smith exclaims desperately, but Jackson’s head slowly falls to the side and he lets out a final gasp. “Ha, you died buddy,” says Smith, tapping Jackson on his shoulder. Jackson hits Smith back “you were right this game is insane, looks so realistic.” Jackson says. “Lookout, Lookout! Awwww” Jackson exclaims as Smith’s character is shot through the chest. Game over flashes across the screen, the game is paused. The option to restart appears, “what do you think, round 2?” asks Smith. “Yeah sure,” says Jackson.

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