Tàn Chá - Dubai at the JW Marriott

  • Grégoire A. Meyer

https://tanchadubai.com/ Brainchild of restaurateur Alberto Barbieri, Tàn Chá has just opened its doors in the heart of Dubai, at the JW Marriott, and promises guests a unique adventure into the world of Chinese cuisine. Tàn Chá is the encounter of contemporary Hong Kong with the millenary flavours and textures of provincial China. The result is a highly-sensory iconic and intimate space that combines authentic contemporary Chinese dishes with invigorating drinks, live music and art installations. Spread across two floors and five uniquely different rooms–– each with a Chinese name: Bā (Chinese for eight), Lǎohǔ (tiger), Húlí (fox), Tùzî (rabbit), Yángtái (terrace) –– diners are invited to immerse themselves in the theatrics of a labyrinth-like journey of discovery. Carrying forward Tàn Chá’s dynamic spirit, is a comprehensive menu ranging from yu sheng, dim sum, wok and siu mei, to name a few of its categories, which pairs perfectly with their signature cocktails. Plant-based eaters will be delighted by the extensive amount of vegan dishes crafted with plant-based OmniMeat. Regarding the menu, fit for an epicurean, Barbieri says “special attention should be given to the Tàn Chá Signature Peking Duck, served with sweet bean paste, truffle foie gras and yu sang sauce, as well as the triple-cooked Honey Nut Crispy Beef, sprinkled with Huang Fei Hong peanuts”. The entire gastronomic journey is heightened by sounds meticoulously curated by Tony Mendes, Tàn Chá’s Music Director. “Bob Dylan stated that the purpose of art is to stop time; that’s what we’re doing at Tàn Chá”, he says. Having entertained crowds for the past 26 years, in clubs along the likes of Bagatelle, Xoxo, Kiss & Fly, Greystone and Emerson Theatre, to name a few, Mendes has accumulated a vast catalogue of music over the years and will be mixing it with modern traits, alongside French DJ Rodolphe Cuvelier, also known as Rawdolff. Together, this power duo will be stirring up the sound at Tàn Chá. And the sensory experience doesn’t stop there. In the realm of art, award-winning artist based in London, Grégoire A. Meyer, elevates the ambience with his awe-inspiring digital artwork, which light up the rooms. Tàn Chá is a space designed for an affair like no other, in which every detail carries its own universe. A meticulous juxtaposition of exquisite wallpapers, personalized chopsticks, in-house internationally renowned DJs, bespoke digital artwork and low lighting allows Tàn Chá to bring a contemporary twist to Chinese eateries. The entire team is driven by their passion for hospitality and their mission to offer guests an unforgettable dining experience, ensuring every detail is met, from smooth reservations to stand out service. They aim at cultivating adventure as they welcome the crowd into the bold world of Tàn Chá.