Ted Hemsworth

Seed Special in partnership with Stokesley School, North Yorkshire: Her feet pattered on the rocks and sand of the beach. Woollen clothing in hand, she walked briskly to the shore. She bent down slowly by the lake; the steaming heat was instantly vaporised by the shadow of the nearby mountain. Cleansing the clothing, she glanced backwards, and there was her straw hovel. With mud plastered on the walls, it was grubby inside, but it was all that she had ever known. Suddenly, a rumbling shook the ground. The canoe behind her tipped into the water. She looked around warily. Suddenly, the mountain began to spurt lava, right towards her. -- A big thank you to Mr Adams from Stokesley School's English Department for inspiring his Creative Writing Club students to contribute to Seed.

Seed by Ted Hemsworth, Year 7. Photograph by David Alan Harvey.