Tell Me How You Feel

  • Zahraa Karim

‘Tell Me How You Feel’ is an ongoing project I started a few years ago based on a confessional book I had begun with the public’s personal confessions. It ranged from funny stories about pranks on husbands to keep their sex life exciting, to serious, highly personal stories about being sectioned or raped. The project asks for things most people wouldn’t say aloud that are willingly shared in my book under anonymous terms. The participants' age ranges from 12-63, and were never used as models, even still the models face was always kept hidden to stay consistent with the theme of anonymity. The photos are interpretations of how someone told me how they do or did or still feel. The images are not suppose to be literal to that of what the individual shared, but left open to understand, left open to judge a book by its cover. The images are attached to their matching confessions.

"I once stole from my parents business so that I could buy ecstasy."
"I hate going to church because my grandma used to take me every week. I promised no matter what I will go to Christmas Mass when she died. So every year I go to Christmas midnight Mass. I can't help but cry during it."
"When I was drunk I thought I broke a sink and then smashed my friends face on the glass panel in the shower."
"When I was told my mum was gonna die I contemplated taking my own life."
"When my grandma died she left me a letter (this was when I was 9 or so). I've never read it and whenever I try I can't help but cry so I can't read anymore because the tears make my vision blur."
"About 2 years ago I tried to commit and so they sent me to hospital and all the doctors sat and analysed me."
"After my dad died last year, I feel like my mum doesn't want to spend any time with me because I'm too much like my dad. The last words my dad said to me was 'I love you' what I would do to hear them again."
"Sometimes I hold my hands so tight to stop me from hurting myself."
"I've been battling with an eating disorder for 4 years now, I've started treatment for recovery and I hope one day I can be happy with the reflection I see; one day I can just live as me."
"I put on a constant front, inside I'm terrified of everything, my future, my mates, my family- I over think every situation & I don't know how to deal with it so I act as if it doesn't exist. I want people to remember me through my music but I'm scared people won't like it it's a backward and forward feeling of worrying and saying fuck you! I guess I'm just really fucking insecure. I guess I'm just fragile."
"I've had depression since high school where it was severe. There were times when suicide crept into my mind. One night I was thinking this is the night I actually do it until I watched a song/music video called 'Voodoo Doll' by 'Vixx' which changed my life after searching the lyrics. Until this day I support and thank Vixx as I believe they saved my life that night."
"Well I was abused my whole life by my dad. He tried to kill my mom (with knife) one day when I was 11, so I ran to the police. He then punched me in my face till I bled. I then ran away from him and my dad still abuses me today as I am forced to see him by police but I can't tell anyone cause he will hurt me again."
"My mother has never really wanted children so when she had my brother at 18 she knew she messed up. 15 years later and 12 years after my sister was born, I was born. My mother was not happy. If I cried she would beat me, if I got a bad mark at school she would beat me and its been the same ever since. I've had built up rage for all my life and while I was 12 I contemplated suicide 3 times. My life is getting better but slowly."