Temporal Translations

Temporal Translations is an ongoing project inspired by research at university for my degree. Created originally as a curatorial group, it blended into my personal practise to explore the impact of the image and the archetype in a post-digital world.
As I am interested in the slippage between mediums, I have expanded this work into my writing practise which is exhibited on my blog,

My work focuses on the bending, destruction and continuation of the image through many different planes and dimensions. It shifts through different mediums and blurs through analogue and digital. I see my practice as continual, the alteration of an image can never end and the work that I choose to present is a snapshot in the continuous line of production. I am interested in the liminal, seemingly abstract space and time between images. My practice is mainly informed by the study of mythology and folklore, as I believe that it can act as a conduit to the inner self.

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Victoria Lane

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