Tesla EV Energy Social Media Advertisement Concept

  • Dhaval Parekh

The recent petrol shortage crisis all over the United Kingdom has raised discussions on the future of combustion vehicles being replaced by electric powered cars sooner than ever before. Back in 2019, the government also planned to ban the sale of petrol vehicles from 2030 in order to preserve the longevity of this planet alongside reducing toxic emission outputs from combustion vehicles. Tesla, an American vehicle and energy company, have been producing electric vehicles for the past decade, which have gained traction with the strong support of electric chargers being placed all over the world. I decided to create this ballsy advert highlighting the issue of combustion vehicles in the past month, such as people waiting in long 2-3 hour queues to fuel up, due to an uncontrollable shortage. Alongside the flagship Tesla vehicle Model X as the centrepiece of the graphic, the bold, snappy slogan above emphasises how the fuel shortage issue has no impact on Tesla electric vehicle owners