The Art of No Sleep

  • Oisín Lawlor
  • Serena Cecilia
  • O. Macioti
  • Nicolle Knapová
  • isabel Couchoud Bataller
  • Mary Raftopoulos
  • Kenneth Archbold
  • Christina Roggemann
  • Ananda G Sanchez
  • Meabh Mattimoe
  • Jessica Kashdan-Brown
  • ozgen osman
  • Giulia Toneguzzo

The Art Of No Sleep is an online zine for all sorts of independent artists with a love for punk and electronic sounds created by Ø Macioti and Oisín Lawlor. The zine centres around the tunes of Artificial Fever’s EP No Sleep. We recently rereleased our record and wanted to make something to celebrate both our music and the creative community we’re a part of (that’s what punk’s about in the end). The idea is to create a masterpost and a network of like minded artists and get our art out there! A huge thank you to everyone who participated - not tagged Pia Hartmann and Preksha Sipani