The Bedroom EP

It has always been about music - it’s never not been there. Whether it was 'Two Doors Down' by The Mystery Jets that was with me on my drunk walk home after celebrating my exam results in school, Nick Cave’s 'Into my arms' that got me through my granny’s funeral or 'Murder on the dancefloor' by Sophie Elis-bextor that has basically gotten me through life thus far. From break-ups to the bath tub, music is always there, in my ears or on the sink or blaring from the speakers in some beautifully bleak basement in the west end.
It was only natural then that I would start making music myself. Starting out with the sure to be chart topping single ‘the fart song’ at 5 years old, it could only really go uphill from there. Many a pre-piano lesson tantrum and a fair few concerts later, here I am. Ready to release my first little EP! This is a project that I’ve taken on myself, from the songwriting and production to the artwork. It’s only a small thing, but I’m really hoping that it’s the start of something.
Containing samples taken on a train from Venice to Milan, to a beat recorded using a plastic tambourine I was given as a child from Toys R Us, these songs were all written whilst living in Venice, Mantova and also at home in Edinburgh, recording from the various bedrooms I've inhabited over the years - hence the name: The Bedroom EP, a melancholic synth-pop kind of vibe.


Chloe Bruce-Gardyne

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