The Bike Whisperer of Halfords

  • sukey richardson
We created content for Halfords to help them entertain and show potential customers an alternative side of the brand.


Halfords has a well-stocked YouTube channel delivering lots of handy, educational video content about cycling, car maintenance and touring - any topic concerned with a life on the move. But this year, with rising levels of interest in cycling brought about by the Tour de France in Yorkshire and the Commonwealth Games, Halfords wanted to drive greater discovery of the brand and build awareness of its top line offer in cycling amongst audiences not directly researching a bike purchase or motoring advice. So Halfords wanted something a little different...


To entertain and show potential customers an alternative side of the brand, Red Bee wrote and shot a series of films for Halfords that tells the story of The Bike Whisperer – a man with special bike-healing powers, played by stand-up comedian Tony Law. His unconventional psychological and spiritual methods are used for those bikes which might have had traumatic physical or mental experiences. By shooting in a documentary style with real customers in-store the film is an unorthodox and amusing way of dramatising the dedication and knowledge of the Halfords staff, and the expertise and care with which Halfords handles its bikes and customers.


“Our brief to Red Bee was that we wanted Halfords to be truly famous for video, and we firmly believe that the Bike Whisperer will take us well on the way to achieving that. As soon as they pitched the idea we were sold. It represents our brand and our passion for cycling perfectly, at the same time as having a tongue in cheek, incredibly funny style that will make all our viewers laugh.”
Tricia Owen-Williams, Head of Customer Experience, Halfords