The Body Shop Campaign

Body Shop was a project that I undertook during my last year on my BA degree in LCC. The reason that I selected The Body Shop brief was because of its creative challenge. They asked for a new visual language for their brand communications that reflects their pioneering spirit with the beauty industry and as a forward-thinking British brand. Researching on the brand’s existing visual language and how they promote themselves, I came to the assumption that everything that they use seems a bit flat, not in terms of meaning but in terms of freshness and creativeness. I understand The Body Shop brand as a caring brand in terms of their customers and their environment. They promote that they focus on the details on their products and their social campaigns and this is what I wanted to explore more in depth. I came up with the idea of the use of bitmap images. Personally, I think that using bitmap images is a nice form of visually explaining and presenting the idea of detail to your target audience. It is a creation of an image with strong texture and brings the idea of something that is fresh and not so commercialized.
Following the mandatories of the brief, I created 4 A2 posters for their 4 asked products. Also, a social campaign poster idea that follows the same concept (bitmap images) as my 4 poster designs. The third outcome was a video advertisement. Finally, I also created an editorial piece of work that shows the guidelines (restrictions-placing image and text-colours) of my posters.


Spyros Kourtelesis

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