The Breakthrough Sessions

  • Jaié Miller

The Breakthrough Sessions is all about passion for radio. I've been interested in radio for as far back as I can remember. Always wanted to be a DJ as a dream job, and it's an experience that I've been fortunate to live on one level or another. I used to listen to the radio on the way to my primary school, Chris Tarrant on Capital fm, then when I was in High School, I used to stay up late surfing the airwaves making tapes, some I still have. When I left college in 2004/5 I joined a pirate radio station. The experience in itself is worthy of it's own telling, but I had a few slots on there, just emulating my favourtie DJ's of the time namely Gilles Peterson, Benji B et al. I will say that the experience of underground radio just confirmed a few things to my mind, mainly that I was dedicated and that it was something I was committed to no matter the cost. Fortunately with the internet the scenes of pirate radio don't have to be repeated. I am starting The Breakthrough Sessions really with a 'dollar and a dream'. I love all kinds of music and I would love to work with other DJ's. This can be done in a number of ways. Email for more info on that. The main way you can get your mixes heard is by sending them in to me. I can then schedule them for play and I would really love to, so don't be shy. There are a few licensing guidelines that I can easily explain, but one of the most exciting aspects that comes with the platform is the opportunity to 'go live' using a free software called Mixxx. The license is an important aspect because we are fully licensed to do this, both through PRS and PPL (ask for details). The Breakthrough Sessions uses a platform called airtime, primarily for convenience, it is after all, all about the music to me not the link used to access it. We will be live each Saturday as we build the schedule and program to include more and more music. Please share the link and tune in this Saturday 18th for our first official 12 hours of programming, 10am-10pm.