The Choice: 10 Years of Creative Conscience

  • Ben Waters
  • Gideon Southwell
  • Chrissy Levett

It's our 10TH YEAR - thanks to each and everyone one of you for supporting our vision for a fairer, healthier, more just, sustainable and regenerative world. THANK YOU for liking, following, attending, engaging, sharing, entering, judging, representing, watching and loving what we do as a collective community of creative game-changing. Become part of the solution - regenerate the world, your life and society. We love you + a massive THANKS again. You rock! Please share this + help spread the news that our world is JUST starting to talk about… *Special thanks to creative writer Ben Waters. Talent Ms Letrice "Dunique" Young and Frank.Uno. Gideon Southwell + Chrissy Levett for making this happen.