• Maisie Jane Daniels
Last month saw the Museum of London open its doors to the exhibition of The Clash’s iconic album, London Calling, with today marking the day of its 40 year anniversary. And you can follow the newly restored/HD video for ‘London Calling’.
Expect to see an array of archival pieces of clothing to notepads, instruments to photographs, and let’s not forget the piece that’s had all of us Londoner’s calling out to see, the shattered Fender Precision Bass that Paul Simonon smashed on stage at The Palladium in New York City on 21st September 1979, and that graces the defining album’s front cover. Another significant, standout piece was Joe Strummer’s notepad, depicting the early workings of the song London Calling (or Ice Age as it was originally titled). Spilling out lyrics that captured the generation’s crippling concern for issues of the time. “The USA is sinking, the world is shrinking…” Lyrics that are still so poignant to contemporary society.
London Calling was truly a significant body of work from its musical mastery, to its lyrics of longevity, an anthem not just for Londoner’s but for all of society. So whether you are an avid fan of The Clash, or just have an interest in music, there’s something to get excited about.
The Clash: London Calling is currenty showing at the Museum of London until 19th April 2020. FREE Admission.

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