The Confidence Trick

  • Molly Mayhew

This story aims to allow young girls (aged 6+) to see the potential within themselves. Hattie will teach children to always believe in their abilities and to go beyond their limits to see how much power they truly hold. For me, confidence has always been a personal struggle. I want this book to empower young girls who, like myself, struggle to find their voice in this world.

Eight-year-old Hattie is a talented young witch who sets out on an adventure into the woods to practice her magic after waking up to a fresh blanket of snow. Her confidence is knocked when, as she crosses a wide river before the wood’s entrance, a mischievous crow appears and steals her wand. She just can’t seem to grow the confidence to get safely back over the river to her home. The only thing she can think to do is to venture on into the woods in hopes of an easier route home.
She first comes across a very cold fox who she can’t possibly leave without helping. She never practices magic without her wand, but figures it is worth a try, and WOW! She can still do it! Some warm gloves, hat and scarf magically appear upon the fox, and he happily bundles up.
Next, Hattie comes across a very stressed mouse trying to figure out how to fix her house. Hattie doesn’t believe she can do anything to help but gives it a try anyway and manages to restore the Mouses pantry complete with all new food.
After saying goodbye to the mouse, she sees a herd of deer whoosh past her. As they disappear into the woods, Hattie suddenly hears a very loud crash coming from the direction of the deer. She investigates the cause of this and discovers that a tree has fallen, trapping a fawn. At the sight of this, she gathers all her strength to lift the tree with her magic and saves the fawn.
The biggest challenge of all comes when Hattie sees a big bear stuck in a very tall tree. She wants to help but she believes she couldn’t possibly lift such a heavy bear without her wand. The animals she has already helped come to cheer her on, and this gives her the push to try even though she doesn’t believe in herself. She performs her spell, and the bear carefully floats down.
Everyone thanks Hattie for the help she has given them, and they watch as she flies home. She now has the knowledge that she can do any magic she wants, even without the help of her wand. The magic was always within herself. Confidence! That’s the trick!