Side Hustle/ Photography

The Curl Talk Project

  • Johanna Yaovi

The Curl Talk Project is a ‘portoflio of experiences’ gathering curly haired women life stories and experiences. Through interviews and testimonials, we try to identify the link between natural hair and the notions of identity, femininity, race, diversity and representation. We also explore how centuries of negative messaging towards textured hair are still impacting generations of women today. Main achievements include: ° Organising sold out panel events and managing the communications process and logistics ° Securing high-level sponsorship with brands such as o2, Google for Startups, Shea Moisture and many others ° Organising the first photography exhibition celebrating the beauty of natural hair in London ° Developing and implementing the PR strategy and securing media coverage in national news, feminist and afro-centric publications in the UK, US, France and Hong Kong