The Fighter's Ballad - Feature Film

UK feature film - 99 minutes

A psychological, emotionally powerful, poetic drama.

'A violent young man, an impoverished church, a world weary priest, can redemption be found?'

Starring Peter Cadwell & Clive Russell

Directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo
Produced by Jane Frisby, Tony S Ukpo, Peter Cadwell
Screenplay by Peter Cadwell

'The Fighter's Ballad' has recently secured worldwide distribution.

Winner of three awards at the spiritual film festival 'John Paul II International Film Festival' 2012, Miami: Best Feature... Best Actor - Peter Cadwell... and Best Screenplay - Peter Cadwell.

"It’s really one of the strangest and most daring films I have seen. And, considering I have over 16,000 reviews to my credit so far on IMDb, that’s saying quite a bit." Martin Hafer - Film Critic, Influx Magazine 2014

"While some films depend on lavish CGI flights of fancy 'The Fighter’s Ballad' draws its strength from its simplicity. There’s an impressive visual sheen - and the dialogue is given a weighty intensity by the superb performances of Peter Cadwell and Clive Russell."
Danny Leigh - Film Critic and Co-host of BBC One, Film 2012

As part of Danny Boyle's new East London Film Festival 'Shuffle'... Danny Boyle picked 'The Fighter's Ballad' to screen alongside 'One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest'. This was part of the 'Day of the Mind', a day of the festival exploring the human mind. As both Cuckoo's Nest and The Fighter Ballad, express Mental Health in society, we felt honoured to be up there with Cuckoo's Nest.