• Corrin Woollcott
  • Sam Jacobs
  • Paddy Paddison
  • Giovanni Muscat
The Guardian is no stranger to shaking things up and making radical changes to stay ahead of the crowd. David Hillman’s 1988 redesign was groundbreaking, and changed the look of the paper forever. In 2005 it transitioned from broadsheet to a Berliner format, making it unique in the UK market. And in 2018, the newspaper was printed in a tabloid format for the first time.
The redesign set alight both mainstream and design-specific press, and was introduced across print, mobile, apps and desktop with a new font, masthead and pull-out section dedicated entirely to opinion pieces. The changes to design and brand not only highlight The Guardian’s determination to remain ahead of the game, but the compact format will also save the paper millions of pounds in production costs.
We were excited to work directly with The Guardian on the launch, rolling out the bright and colourful creative in cities across the UK. The impressive poster campaign gave the redesign a huge amount of exposure, running on 4 sheet posters, large format billboards and takeovers across London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Sheffield.


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