The Helping Hands

An RSA brief response to “Agile Ageing” - creating a service to help improve mental agility in the aging population.

This project aims to create a solution devised in direct response to scientific findings, and consumer research and feedback.

Extreme User Feedback

Speaking directly to the elderly - both mobile and active/ and immobile and inactive, I began to gain an understanding of areas society neglects, and where improvements could be made.

I drew up 4 key objectives, which the service was created with relation to.

Avoiding Assumptions

From the key objectives, I along side collaborating designer, Karen Tsang, created an activity subscription service which increases mental agility through increased challenge, learning, and purpose. Each month, an activity linked directly to a charity is sent to the user - allowing them to learn a new skill, whilst also giving them a purpose to help the community.

Design for Accessibility

The Helping Hands service and interface has been designed with up-most consideration of accessibility with both analogue and digital considerations.


Olivia Robinson

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  • Graphic Designer

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