The House of Peroni

We concepted, handled creative direction and production management of The House of Peroni: Celebrating Italain Citrus. We came up with a concept that would serve to literally infuse Italian energy into the Shoreditch 3-week pop up.
Five street windows were designed to reference the activity inside. First an Italian deli window with white tiles and lemon yellow grout and Peroni-labelled hanging sausages. The second window was dressed with a giant display of hanging tagliatelle (latex). The third window replicated a traditional and abundant Fruttivendolo. The final windows referenced Italian cafe culture with white blinds and gold leaf BAR sign.
Inside the experience was in 5 parts. A fruittivendolo with postcard rack of Italian pin-up postcards and cocktail recipe cards, trattoria serving cold Peroni and tagliatelle from a giant wheel of Grana Padano. The Bitter End was a secret bar out the back for cocktail masterclasses, playing loud Italian opera and with a bespoke citrus scent. In the bar, bloody orange disco balls threw circles across the room with wooden panelling and terrazzo tables inspired by Italian cafe culture.
We also curated the collaborators - 4cose Italian deli from Hackney ran a concession with giant mortadella from Italy, Naples-based Italian record selectors Early Sounds Recordings played Italo Disco every night and illustrator George Greaves supplied Italian-themed illustrations for the walls of the bar.