The Intern 24/7

I started The Intern 247 to give a real insight into the fashion industry from the viewpoint of a young female intern who has actually been there and done it. I felt all the other platforms never gave an honest outlook as to what it’s really like for interns or people starting out. The blog is now dedicated to letting people know the ups and downs, stories we never told our bosses, a typical week in fashion and the reality of working in the industry! Plus the advice we would give to our younger self starting out in the world of fashion!
The site now has 13 wonderful contributors who are based in New York, LA, London and Auckand. We are all 20-something's working full time and inspiring the next generation on the side.
The Intern 24/7 is now a platform for others to share their experiences, so get involved, join the journey and lets help the next gen out!

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