The Invisible Arts Network

Founding and Current Member. Former Assistant Project Manager. The Invisible Arts Network is a collective of inspiring artists, arts organisations and technologists exploring how we can make and see more great Digital Art in and around Herefordshire + its borders. The Invisible Arts Network is supported by Arts Council England. Within this project, I contributed a VR installation to their first major event "The Happening", directed a large scale award which became As Above So Below and was also awarded two bursaries for research-based, digital and new media projects. Mairead McVeigh is a digital, relational and performance artist who uses traditional methods of making (combined with relational practice) and presents them as immersive digital, virtual and augmented reality installations. Mairead’s work explores the conflict narrative within Northern Ireland, via social research methods and contrasting data against witness testimony to create illusory installations. Placing herself as a female artist born in Belfast at the end of the troubles, her work focuses on questioning current social events and how they reverberate past events within Northern Ireland and the UK. Mairead's use of digital devices and technology is a critique on media culture and the fear and dehumanization which comes as result of it.