The Library - Life is Built on Words

This work was created as a retrospective of the previous three. It represents the language files of each person in the manner of a secret library in three volumes. Each individual is in possession of his three individual copies.

Book One is the primary book, inside the key words are universal, bound and tied firmly without the possibility of change. It looks worn, marked by time and use.

For Our parents contains within it the words of our DNA, to quote Alice Martin "A book is a memory box whose inheritance is ours." A legacy that is not entirely immutable, and that have some opportunities of change. Is partially tied for its conservation, it has small leaks where small chipped words escape from inside. In the course of life, we are adding and subtracting words to the inherited to start building a new legacy for the future generation which in turn, they change theirs.

The third book contains the words in which we turn into during the course of our lives; a constant saving and undoing of words that escape through the holes of time, use and life, while others remain subject to our interior. Due to the constant in and out of words, the book has been tied and retied several times, trying to hold the pieces, trying to keep our lives whole.

This piece was exhibited in the contemporary art centre, El Matadero de Madrid, for the exhibition Typo_Mad_12 in October to November of 2012, organized by the Design Centre DIMAD.

Team Credits

Usua Perez Echegoyen

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Usua Perez Echegoyen
Artist and Designer