The Limelight Collection - Rebrand /19

  • Elle Pardew

Welcome to the Limelight Collection. A group of global-reach services that provide the ultimate experience in lifestyle management. Limelight’s services have looked after high-profile Sports and Entertainment people since 2005 with four luxury lifestyle management companies.

The Limelight Collection | 2019
  • Brand Refresh - Redefined brand guidelines across all media & written copy, including writing boilerplates, creating new logos & redesigning social media profiles.
  • Website setup - Designed two new websites for the company's luxury travel agency & chauffeur service using Squarespace software.
  • Partnership proposals - Created bespoke partnership pitch presentations for luxury hotels, restaurants & bars.
  • Membership sign-up systems - Designed a set of membership proposals. Implemented a membership induction system off the back of this, designing a membership handbook, database sign-up system & introducing referral schemes to boost membership enquiries.
  • Social media strategy - Implemented key messaging & calls-to-action for each channel, driving specific goals to place orders with personal assistants & refer new members.
  • Email newsletters - Established an automated email system for member sign-ups & monthly newsletters.