The Modern Day Black Women: Beyond the TV (2018)

  • Miriam Amankwa

I was selected for an award called the 'Graduate Artist Commission' in which I was given the opportunity to create an original illustration piece in the form of a window display based on the theme of my choosing. Spinning off from my final major project, I decided to go with the theme of how black women are portrayed on TV. This idea stemmed from the reality TV show 'Love Island' where the treatment and portrayal of contestant Samira Mighty came under scrutiny and criticism from the public viewers. For the medium, I used Posca pens. The window layer focuses on the stereotypes of the black women that are already presented to viewers to see - there's no chance given to allow the viewer to make their own judgement on the woman. The wall layer focuses on the whole humanity of a black woman: who she is and the common insecurities that she often is conscious of and deals with. I'd like to thank Solent Showcase Gallery for selecting me for this award and giving me the chance to develop my creative practice.