The New Craftsmen: Portrait of a Place

  • Antonia Gammans

September 2019 Role: Marketing Strategy and Delivery ‘Portrait of Place: Orkney’ celebrates the profound connection between craft and place, and the ancient straw-working traditions of these remote Islands. The project began with a residency in May 2019, and saw furniture designer Gareth Neal and basket makers Annemarie O’Sulllivan and Mary Butcher journey to Orkney with The New Craftsmen’s Creative Director Catherine Lock to spend time with local craftspeople, including furniture maker Kevin Gauld and sculptor Frances Pelly, to create a body of work pervaded with the heart and soul of these Islands. The result was a collection encompassing lighting, furniture, and artworks, presented in a dynamic exhibition produced by renowned set designer Simon Costin at The New Craftsmen’s Mayfair store. As Head of Marketing, Antonia managed the delivery of the overall Marketing Strategy which encompassed; trade and e-commerce photography and asset delivery; showroom graphics; event management of dinners, workshops and panel discussions; press management, social media and newsletter content delivery.