The Next Chapter of Luxury Hotels where #momentsaremore

  • Heli Haapkylä
Hotel St. George, Helsinki – A next generation hotel, for life — for better life.
Hotel St. George is an ideal of a place, which can be the dream for the guest or a escape from the everyday.
St. George is a mind walk and a totally holistic journey for all five senses. It can touch the soul with the beauty of art. Food and nutrition is carefully thought to please the taste but also support the body system to work. Haptic experiences embrace the quality and support the sense of safety. Acoustics heal the overloaded sense of hearing and scents fade away the unpleasant memories.
Hotel St. George will also be a forerunner for creating the most holistic and personalized hotel stay experience also from the digital point of view: For example the room technology can be programmed to encounter the guest at his/her “my time zone”, supporting the smooth adaptation to different time zones. The lighting and heating can all be adjusted to meet the requests of the guest. In general all digital technology will be hidden to offer more options for the guest to relax and recover from the travelling.
#momentsaremore #forbetterstay