The Nike Barbershop

  • Nat Cantor
Footballers always stand out because of their haircuts. The look of the modern day player has become a weapon. That's why for European Championships we created the Nike Barbershop.
We kick-started the campaign with a film starring rebellious footballer Mario Balotelli defining his look in the barbershop hot seat.
From here, we created The Nike Barbershop app, enabling football-obsessed teens to do the same. 
We showcased 10 of football's most exciting young players, renowned for their style on and off the pitch. From Brazilian speed demon Neymar's iconic Mohawk to Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck's classic high-top fade – football's freshest cuts were ready and waiting to be tried on for size.
Over 50,000 tried out a Nike Barbershop style, getting styled-up in the virtual Nike Barbershop chair. Using our application, the results served as a digital takeout for young football fans to share with all their friends through social.
The most popular online submissions were personally invited to visit one of six physical Nike Barbershops in Paris, Madrid, Milan, Mexico City, Moscow and Buenos Aires, where the elite styles were sampled for real. A pop-up Nike Barbershop van also featured in Warsaw during Euro 2012 tournament to surprise and delight football fans with a premium style. 

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