The Okavango Macbeth

The Okavango Macbeth is a chamber opera with music by Tom Cunningham to a libretto by Alexander McCall Smith. Set in the Botswana Okavango Delta, it tells a story of the struggle for power among competing baboons in their matriarchal society - thus drawing parallels with the Macbeth story.
The opera deals with the efforts of an ambitious female baboon, Lady Macbeth, to encourage her husband, Macbeth, to murder the dominant baboon, Duncan.
The opera was premiered in the No 1 Ladies' Opera House, a tiny opera house in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, in a production mounted by the celebrated Cape Town director and producer, Nicholas Ellenbogen. The reception it received was ecstatic, and a charity performance of the opera was subsequently given in Edinburgh. The response again was extremely enthusiastic, leading many to conclude that in this extraordinary and unusual tale a new operatic gem has emerged. In 2013, Edinburgh Studio Opera performed the Fringe Premiere at Spotlites @ Merchant's Hall, which great acclaim.
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