The only way if 4DFWD - 2021

  • Lara Bean
  • Jennifer Kam

4DFWD. DESIGNED TO MOVE YOU FORWARD. What if every run could feel like progress? adidas examined 17 years of data and over 5 million lattice variations to create a 3D printed performance midsole, coded to move forward with every stride. 4DFWD. Designed to move you forward The question for us? How do we combine gaming, running and the feeling of moving forward and making progress? Our answer to this question was a 3D body tracking snapchat lens game, a game that would get the audience moving, whilst receiving that satisfaction of progress as they collect tokens to unlock super speeds, avoid the city barriers that would slow them down, and beat their friends times to the end. Created by a team of collaborative, passionate and creatives individuals from my team at adidas, the snapchat creative team and Snap AR partner Atomic Digital Design. We worked together pulling references from the gaming world, our own city surroundings and running experiences, along with the product itself (which was 3D scanned to have the most accurate replica in the experience).

Avoid the barriers or you'll be slowed down
Collect the tokens to activate superspeed
Scan the code and try for yourself

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