The Optimist’s 2021 Wall Calendar

  • June Mineyama-Smithson

A Gift of Optimism You can Give

After many events cancellation in 2020 (Glastonbury, Tokyo Olympics, holidays), optimist artist MAMIMU (aka June Mineyama-Smithson) decided to team up with a diary expert Yop & Tom to create The Optimist’s 2021 Wall Calendar with fun positive days only. Every day is a celebration that’s not going to get cancelled with this calendar.

The idea of the calendar is also inspired by the Japanese tradition. “In Japan all national holidays have specific names like Children’s Day, Culture Day and Ocean. I used to enjoy celebrating them in a meaningful way as a child and wanted to bring the positive feeling to everyone’s 2021.” says MAMIMU.

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A study shows that positive thoughts produce happy hormone Serotonin, which helps us more focused and emotionally stable (Scaccia, 2017). This calendar is designed to focus on the fun optimistic side of life daily.

Comes with joyful stickers to mark your own celebrations.

Featured in Creative Boom, Underpinned and Being Freelance.

“Could this be the best calendar for 2021?” – Creative Boom “The perfect gift to get you and your loved ones feeling positive going into 2021!” – Underpinned

Every day is a fun positive awareness day that's not going to get cancelled in the Optimist’s 2021 Calendar.

  • Includes ‘National Hug Day’, ‘Smile Power Day’, ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’ and many more days to look forward to.
  • With UK bank holidays, Mother’s day and other key dates.
  • Space to write your own note.
  • Great as a family calendar.
  • Ideal for business’s content creation.
  • Fantastic gift for all ages.