The Paralleled Mind

  • Annlin Chao
  • A-len Yue

"The Paralleled Mind" is a series of moving images installation exhibited in Galway International Arts Festival 2019, Ireland. In the exhibition space, the viewer will enter a dark room and emerge themselves into the subconsciousness of three characters, experiencing the 'paralleled mind' of their behavior and thoughts. There are also mirrors on the floor and wall, filled with the thoughts and whisper from the characters. When the viewers look into the mirror, they see the reflection of the characters, and they also see themselves in the mirror as a metaphor of the paralleled world of human minds. Director/Artist: Annlin Chao Project Manager: Wei-Chia Teng (Amanda Teng) Videographer: Chia-Hung Lin (Mick Lin) Animation/SFX: Annlin Chao Choreographer: Alistair Wroe (The Dreamer), Wan Ning Hung (The Bragger), Imogen Alvares(The Destroyer) Sound producer/composer: Chia-Lun Yue (A-len Yue) Makeup Artist: Seunghee Yoo Graphic Designer: Wei-Chia Teng (Amanda Teng) Giaf Curator: Paul Fahy Gaif organizer and technician: Adam Fitzsimons, Jesse Taiwan Ministry of Culture UK organizer: Amber Weifen Wu, Cheryl Lai, Huiju Chen BenQ organizer and staff: Wendy Chen, Iris Yunchi Chang, Hung Lin, Chris Goff, Chris Mellowship Special thanks: Nung Lin Lydia Ya Chu Chang Sponsored by Ministry of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan), Taipei Representative Office in Ireland, BenQ

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