The Scars

My brief explores extreme plastic surgery and each individual procedure, exploring the impact on the body and mind. Plastic surgery is nothing new however procedures have developed and have become more common and easily accessible to a wider audience. However social media has its own part to play with the rise in younger individuals having a desire and goal to look like a celebrity or filter on Instagram and Snapchat. Image making will explore how the body beautiful isn’t perfect and how a natural body and face is the new beautiful. Imagery will focus on the harmful impacts plastic surgery procedures can have on the body. Looking into procedures I will show lip, nose, chest and butt procedures to the extremes as well as general procedures where someone alters their bodies over time. The idea of showing such extreme plastic surgery and the harmful impacts of procedures is to highlight the serious of procedures for non-medical reasons and the dangers if not carried out professional. There is a serious message within the imagery highlighting how you look is beautiful and unique. Originally this brief consisted of the idea of six photos of individuals who are considered naturally beautiful with two ways of collaging them, either on each face or using each natural image printed then collaged. Due to circumstances surrounding a lockdown with the ongoing COVID 19, this brief will consist of collages throughout final portfolio and will present extreme collage on each procedure with each image on a particular procedure being styled differently. Extreme collages will be presented in photographic style maintaining. The final portfolio will feature a combination of self-portraits showing the negative impact of plastic surgery through using the following materials; playdough, thread, tape, face paints, sculpting wax. All imagery created will be developed from creative mood boards. Final portfolio will be digitally based in A3 format consisting of 36 images all presented in large format, covering most of the page and will be in line with Beauty Papers. Each section (plastic surgery procedures) will feature typography mentioning each procedure and one fact on each, which makes reference to mentioned above about the negative impact of plastic surgery. The portfolio for printing would feature on a selection of papers for each individual procedure, which gives emphasis on each procedure with texture and overall feel. With a digitally based portfolio all imagery will have more textured materials and will be developed in the editing process in Lightroom. This portfolio aim is showing the serious impact of plastic surgery on body and mind. Plastic surgery should be used in medical circumstances and not based on filters, celebrities or trends.

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