The struggle

  • Jiayile Li

It's about expressing my mind in a unique way with the combination of fabric and human body. The fabric can enhance the shape of body, and the folds of the fabric are like the creases of body skin, which create leading lines and dynamic motions. People tend to keep the vulnerable side inside and struggle alone. But everyone is powerful and sometimes they just haven't realised yet.

The springy texture of this fabric implies the struggle in everyone's life. But the spirit of not giving up is what I try to express here. All the folds are the trace of effort. I want to make people feel the strength in the photo with the contrast of black and white, which also makes the form of textures stand out.
Everyone got another side. Fabric acts as a mask to hide another identity that deep inside everyone, which we don't want others to see. We never know what people thinking in their minds. Energy inside people trying to get out but people can't let them all out when they face public. Some people smiling all the time just to hide the depressed state of mind they have when they stay alone.