The Three Most Important Cool Math Games For Kid's Success Factors

This game is an absolute win for parents. Before we get to academics, we want to teach our kids about personal hygiene

Having kids is amazing but we're constantly worried about their wellbeing. As parents, we want our kids to grow holistically. We do everything we can to ensure that they are developing academically, socially, and mentally. We try to provide all kinds of opportunities that will help them grow to be independent, smart, and kind human beings. Sometimes, this gets challenging. For instance, when it comes to studies and academics, kids might have trouble with subjects like math. Even though math can be an extremely fun subject, it is perceived to be the enemy. A mental block is created and the slightest difficulty make kids scared of math and disinterested in it. Math, however, is an important subject and can't be ignored. Basic math is used throughout life. And so, parents have got to try and make math fun. Don’t worry, we've done that for you! At SKIDOS, we've developed activities for kids with adhd that will teach them various basic and advanced math concepts by simplifying them and making them amusing for children.
Here's a glimpse of some of our cool math car game.

1. Bath

This game is an absolute win for parents. Before we get to academics, we want to teach our kids about personal hygiene, right? This game will do that plus teach them a bit of math. In the game, there's a cute little character that has to be taken care of. Your child will learn how to draw a bath, use the toilet, brush teeth, fold clothes, and even dress up. They will learn that this routine is important to maintain good habits and will try and replicate that in reality as well. There are also coloring games for kids concepts that the child can learn and practice in this game.

2. Shopping Mall

Most kids love a fun day at the mall. If your child is one of them, you should definitely have them play this game. A virtual day at the mall is surely going to entertain and engage them. There are various activities within the game. The player can visit the music store and learn about musical instruments, get a makeover at the salon, explore some cool outfits, grab some ice cream, and even fix a car, among other things. There are math and coding puzzles in the game that kids can solve, so this game is a great option that's entertaining and filled with learning.

3. Street Soccer

Soccer is a great game that has many fans the world over. Kids love to play it at the playground or virtually. We've got a cool math soccer game with a twist. In this game, they can play soccer in the streets, something that they can't and shouldn’t do in reality! They can race past the traffic, go under and over bridges, and take shortcuts through the alleys to score goals. The animation and city landscapes are amazing and there are many levels and power-ups to get through. Exciting rewards, as well as fun math puzzles, can be found in this cool math soccer game.
Apart from the cool math games soccer, shopping mall, and bath, there are loads of other games for kids of all ages on the 40+ learning apps for kids. The games are designed by special educators keeping global learning standards in check so that kids can learn all the essential concepts that are needed for their academic and social wellbeing. These games can be used as a revision for what is being taught in class as well. The SKIDOS games have a dashboard that tracks the progress of the child. this helps parents understand their strengths, weaknesses, and interests, allowing them to understand what learnings and concepts to focus on more. Further, we've got the option of selecting various languages and offering multi-language support to assist parents and children even better. And while we focus on math and coding games, we've also got loads of games that include early learning concepts like time, animal kingdom, alphabets, numbers, shapes, and much more. For the older kids, there are games on science, space, physics, and of course, the cool math games soccer. We understand that a child's mind has to be stimulated and challenged with advanced games so that their creativity and intellect develop, and we've incorporated that into our games.