The Top 8 e-learning Features That Everyone Should Know About

  • Albert Smith

Top 8 eLearning features that positively impact learning and student performance. eLearning is a learning approach that uses videos, simulations, and other digital tools to teach people skills.

Learning how to develop eLearning software might seem daunting at first, especially when there are so many features that you might not know where to start.

But with this top 8 list of the most important features to pay attention to, you’ll be able to make sure that your e-learning software can meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Important LMS Features for your E-learning Software Solutions

1) Engaging, high-quality video

A video is an effective tool for capturing attention and is an effective way to deliver information.

If you’re using video in your course, make sure it’s high-quality, without distracting elements or unnecessary noise. The idea is that it should support and enhance learning—not distract from it. A lot of that has to do with how you structure your video and what you say on camera.

Integrating video into e-learning software solutions is a great way to increase user experience, but the video must contain high elements and quality. It helps to meet the latest market demands.

2) Simulation games

Games are an essential feature of e-learning software. There are different types of games for different goals, and it’s essential to match the game type with a goal.

For example, suppose you are looking to teach people how to use new software. In that case, a gamification strategy will help people remember what they learned in your training software better than a video tutorial.

An expert human or computer-controlled program or character that helps trainees through lessons is called an instructor or teacher.

3) Interactive, real-time feedback on responses

In today’s world, people want instant gratification, and they want to interact with their environment and immediately see feedback based on their choices or interactions.

So if you’re building a course to teach your employees new skills or send instructions to clients, it’s essential to focus on features in eLearning software development services.

Intuitive features will allow them to interact easily with your content and provide feedback without waiting for you to respond.

4) Collaborative activities

Collaborative activities are one of my favorite features in any LMS. They allow students to work together, which is something they’ll be doing a lot of in real life and something that will help them develop soft skills like teamwork and communication. Some LMS have specific tools for creating collaborative activities, but you can also make them using Google Docs or another free tool.

5) Quizzes and assessments built into the content

As learners progress through your course, they’ll need to prove that they’ve mastered specific skills. Implementing quizzes and assessments helps verify if a learner is ready to move on and ensures that everyone has grasped all of your content before moving on.

6) Interactivity within videos, quizzes, etc.

Since you want to create an engaging experience for your learners, providing opportunities for interaction is important. This can come in many forms: quizzes, surveys, and even video comment boxes.

Providing learners with these options enables them to express their thoughts and opinions about a particular topic, which will make them feel more engaged and connected to your program.

If a learner is actively engaged, they are far more likely to retain information over time.

7) Voiceover in videos or text read aloud

On top of helping visually impaired people, voiceover can enhance any training because it makes content more engaging and easier to process. By having someone narrate a video or text, you’re also making your material more approachable for individuals with cognitive disabilities.

There are plenty of screen reading apps and tools out there that make adding voiceover to your training reasonably straightforward.

8) Instant replies to learners during live sessions

This feature can be beneficial when trying to help a group of learners work through a challenging concept. All you have to do is leave a reply, and if someone clicks on it before it times out, you’ll receive an instant notification letting you know.

This allows for fast turnaround times since there is no need to send a message back and forth asking questions. You can also disable notifications so that you are only alerted when learners respond with multiple replies in succession.


As you can see, there are a lot of features in e-learning solutions that you might not have been aware. The good news is that we don’t expect any one individual to know everything about these features, but it does help if you have a general understanding of them. You can partner with a trusted agency specializing in e-learning software development services.

Hopefully, now that you know what some of these critical features are, you’ll be able to look for them when selecting a development partner to incorporate all features for your next project.

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