The Wannabe Ring - jewellery design prototype

  • Alessia Baranzini

Firstly I have to say that, unfortunately, I'm not a professional designer. I have no academic background in Design or Art: in fact I studied mostly Communication at university, a field I love but a that now make me feel "incomplete". There'll always be a "designer spirit" in me, something I can barely disguise and I would like it to be part of my professional future. So I decided to share here one of the first design project I've done and put into effect. Obviously, my intention is neither to sell something nor to show you the "best ring ever designed in the history". I know I have a long road to run, and that I can only do better in the future by studying and by having patience. I just wanted to point out some of my skills, still uncovered: I can think like a designer, dream like a designer, design things like a designer... even if "formally" I am not a designer. Even if I am not a star in Rhino and 3D tools, I think I have other important qualities that make me a good candidate for a future job in design field: joy, creativity, planning skills, a big desire to do thing by hand, a huge curiosity.... and I learn rapidly. So... here it is! It's a ring and I managed to have it materially made by one of my beloved friends, who actually works beside her father in his jewelry store. I'm not able to use Rhino, CAD, Adobe creative programs... I only have my hands and lots of ideas in mind. Without her help, this ring would have remained only an idea in my caothic mind. The jewelry store is "L'Orafo della Ruga", a little jewelry and goldsmith workshop in Arona (Novara, Italy) Official website:

My first sketches and brainstorming notes...
The 3D model, made by my friend based on my sktches and descriptions. I then chose personally all the details: materials, colors and stone at the jewelry
And finally, the Wannabe Ring is here!
I hope you like it at least a little bit, and I hope to have dimonstrated that if you have ideas, you're half the way!
I have lots of them...