The Wilds - Main Title

  • Isabell Hacker

Title Cards for Season 1 "The Wilds" on Amazon Prime Video. Originally a pitch, I created the design frames and logo which were ultimately selected for the show's Title Cards in Season 1 and all promotional marketing materials such as Posters, Covers and more. My role included Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design and Cinematography of all episode titles for Season 1 of "The Wilds". The idea was to capture the essence of each episode in form of a "mood ring" concept. The title background for every episode is different from each other as it plays into different character traits, circumstances and moods of the girls on the island. The goal was to create a mood that reflects the show and depicts the rawness and darkness throughout, without being too girly. A sense of surrealism and a dream like state of mind was a big part of the concept as the show itself doesn't reveal it's big secret and twist to the end. We constantly question: what is real, what happened really and what is actually going on. This played a big part in creating the Titles for the show which aimed to be "abstract and dreamy but real at the same time". Role: Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Animator, Cinematographer Client: Amazon Prime Video