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If you haven’t seen it already I would highly encourage you to soak in Childish Gambino’s rendition of “This is America”. He has been hailed as something of a Renaissance genius for packing in so many cultural and visual representations into one music video. Representations of oppression, of a country divided, a divisive and angry country, a superficial and violent country. He strips it all away in this video. Gosh, what powerful archetypal times we are living in. It’s not just the US though, lets own it, all around the world we’re feeling the energies and tensions rising. Racial, gender based, sexual, socio-economic wounds are gaping. Prejudices outed. Coming to the surface to be healed and restored. Musicians and Artists have always been the first to see trends, to spot energetic patterns. They use their visionary gifts of prophecy to see what’s coming, what’s next. The first to predict where society will get swept to in changing tides. And what incredible rips we’re seeing. The tearing down and exposure of a very outdated, bigoted, patriarchal fabric. Finally!

We’re living in times of iconic symbology. Times of struggle, growth and transformation. We are breaking free from being puppets of the patriarchy, puppets of words, and victims of institutionalisation and bureaucratic living. Free from old, rigid systems and patterns, and striving into a new (very visual) path, a path of uncertainty, a path untrodden, a path without maps or guides. How adventurous! The seeds are cracking all around us as consciousness rises, one individual at a time. As we yearn for more meaning and a better way of being. A better way of connecting together of sharing the world and its resources together. Like Leonardo with his charcoal helicopters, we’re starting to get visions of how this will all go, how it’ll pan out and end up. It lies with the visionary power of The Black Madonna.

The beautiful Black Madonna. A favourite archetype, ally and guide of mine, as she leads us all through the toxicity and trauma into change, into transformation. A transfiguration of sorts of the collective psyche. She’s testament to a remarkable future of grace and kindness and acknowledges the growing pains and destruction in our wake and happening around us at the moment, as the walls come down (yes come down!) and the scales from our eyes drop. She depicts a formidable boldness and sovereign way of being. But don’t push her, and don’t take her for a fool, because she is highly intelligent and as quick as a tack. All hell will rain down on you if you dare attempt to cross her. To denigrate the Queen. She will and can slay you. She will and shall reduce you to your knees where you bow down and acknowledge your own incompetence and shortcomings in her presence. Because no one, not one soul knows suffering and pain, like a black or minority woman, so do not even go there with her. Do not even bother her with your first world, “petty problems of privilege” because she has more important things to deal with, like ensuring oxygen continues to circulate the planet, and that babies are born healthy and whole. The Black Madonna’s sacred femininity, like the incredible deity and Hindu Goddess Kali, has both the power and the potential to breed death and destruction, according to her will. She is so symbolic of global feminine power rising at this time, I can barely contain my excitement!

Before I go on I need to repeat that point one more time, because it’s so important to honour, respect and recognise it. For it to be absorbed. Deeply absorbed into the psyche. This is the point of transformation. No one knows pain and suffering like a black or minority woman. Black and minority trans women especially, with a horrifically low life expectancy of ~31 years, their plight through social stigmas and abuse is one of the toughest, if not THE toughest. So much more needs to be done. But how do we do it? And who am I as a white, middle-class woman of education and privilege to bring this topic up in the social circle of conversation? To push it out there to the surface? Then again, who the hell am I not to? I talk about it because it matters, because I see it, because I feel it, and mostly because I want to help correct it, assist with the readying of new consciousness. For the coming of The Black Madonna ruling. I talk about it because it’s the most important topic for our collective healing right now. In a world that’s desperate for a token or glimmer of salvation, she’s here! For the survival of humanity right now. We need her. Desperately. We desperately, urgently need her. That’s why I talk about it, and I do so acknowledging and owning my own ignorance and privilege.

The Global Renaissance the radicalisation of how we live and work and earn and exist in the future, comes from her. It comes from the feminine and she’s already seen it. And all the aggression and racial and gender bias in the world cannot keep her away. Because? Because the world is screaming for her. The world needs her right now more than ANYTHING. It’s crying out to be nurtured, desperate to be nourished with wholesome love. Show me one person who isn’t seeking more love! More. When Viola Davis won her Emmy, she quoted Harriet Tubman’s reference to “In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms outstretched to me over that line, but I can’t seem to get there no-how. I can’t seem to get over that line” I bawled my eyes out. I bawled my eyes out at a society where in 2015 those words still needed to be called out, it still needed to be said because things hadn’t improved. Things hadn’t progressed, or changed, or advanced. Progress was slow. Snail-paced. And things won’t change and they don’t when we were, and are still, in the restrictive and highly racist, sexist holding patterns of our ancestors. It won’t change until we do. It won’t get better until we do. She continued “The only thing that separates women of colour from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

This isn’t just about winning awards for movies, this is life. This is how life is. Every. Single. Day. If the opportunities are not there and their voices are drowned out or pushed aside then how the hell can anything change? How can any of our collective mindsets expand and be opened without the uprising of The Black Madonna? How can we seem to collectively progress? What tools and methods do we have to support us? Awareness, education and the cutting back on the reductive, heteronormative narratives, mythologies and imagery society feeds us will help. The awakening that’s coming is a powerful Global Renaissance awakening, which will collapse historical paradigms, luddite methodologies, and mechanical ways of transacting and working. Our entire energetic bodies and entities will transform. Every interaction to become a blessing, an exchanging of grace. How glorious!

Black and Minority Women are rising. As are Trans, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual Women and all Women. We’re using our voices and choices, speaking out beyond the #MeToo movement, beyond the film industry and Intersectional Feminism is growing as a movement into a form of awakened consciousness. Exposing prejudices, be they gender or racially based. Those two stigmas that have tried to hold women back, for centuries, are going down in flames. Intelligent, smart, beautiful women are rising and it is wonderful and frightening the living daylights out of the patriarchal clingers! Scaring the plodders, the sheep and the system followers. The old establishment rule of toxic, shadow masculinity is being acknowledged, the wounds caused by patriarchy, to both genders. Men lost their art, their music and poetry, seemingly shouted away by a vindictive, cruel inner crone. And women lost their joy their freedom and their creative self expression. Both lost the ability to feel. Feeling wasn’t permitted in the old establishment, it didn’t and doesn’t know how to cope with feelings or sentimentality. With passions. With life! So as we head towards this quite remarkable future, and the world awakens to itself and the unconscious longings of its collective heart, we see an alchemical transformation within the collective psyche. We’ll see impromptu displays of love. Sudden acts of kindness.Random expressions of joy. Inspired acts of generosity and incredible acts of caring and self sacrifice. Self-Less-Ness. As we sit in the new Matriarchal power of the positive side of the Black Madonna’s transformative capabilities, the world will become a very rich, and wholesome place indeed.

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Sarah Vaughan

  • Founder of International Therapy Centre. Art Therapist. Collaborator. Mystic. Marketeer. Content Production Manager. Digital Specialist

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Sarah Vaughan
Founder of International Therapy Centre. Art Therapist. Collaborator. Mystic. Marketeer. Content Production Manager. Digital Specialist