Through Great Waters

  • Callin Mackintosh

Catalogue design for ‘Through Great Waters’ by John Abell at Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, 8.11-19.12.2021 “John Abell is an artist of the in between, of the upside down, of shimmering and wild alternative realities. When entering his world, you will meet an eclectic array of recurring characters; curious witches, strangely chill apocalyptic horsemen slinging guitars, electric skeletons and willowy women glowing under the moonlight wearing garments of stars. You will encounter horses, birds and deer, tall ships, ladders, lighthouses and winged figures. They suggest a hundred stories, but stories are not their reasons for being. They are visions, moments, signposts. Very likely they are not from around here, but they may also be just around the corner...”