Ti piacciono le sfere - Animated Music Video. Song by Herbert Stencil

  • Manuela Fiori

This animated music video was written, directed, illustrated and animated by my self and Marta Pinna. Graphically inspired by adult animation shows such a s Rick and Morty, it's content may look 'controversial and witty'. The title of the Italian song translates like this: 'Do you like the spheres?' We see the main character after a tiresome work day. His minds starts to evade into a 'bubbly - sexy world where he meets his alter ego, a galactic cupid. As the song goes on 'Ti piacciono le sfere...?' He travel through this guilt-free trip, crossing path with many 'attractive' characters, this 'mind-trip' is about the freedom of liking who you want and be fine with what you like. No cute aliens were harmed during the making of this film.