Time Delusion

Space and time are pure intuitions through which we perceive the world according to forms or structures belonging to our sensitivity. Often these structural patterns direct our envisioning of time into metaphors of flow, continuity, presence and absence. More generally time has been pictured as a generative and partitive stream which is either linear, circular or fragmented. These age enduring metaphors of time as river, spring and ongoing flow of future anticipatory moments transformed into an acutely felt present which in turn becomes an often melancholic past– are ways we conceive finitude and motion of life or matter. This flow usually delineates the memory of the body or fabric reacting to the inner deconstruction and erosion of their generative impetus. The visual workings of fabric or time are also felt as rhythmical , serial and generative. Their seriality and repetitive folding do not point to their sameness or their difference but to the relationality between each fibre or time unit which, in turn, opens up a speculative web of roads untaken.

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Georgiana Cojocaru

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  • Assistant Curator , Gallery Invigilator

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  • #Bucharest Biennial of Contemporary Art
  • Musette Kube

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