What do you get today? Show your cards. I am checking
Why doesn’t  the king have a crown? Why does the queen prefer lipstick than sceptre? Isn’t  the jack too trusting?  What does the queen see on her mobile phone? Does the king cry over Paris? The figures are ourself. We earn money and if we do not earn money, we put them out on colours. We drown in the waters of fear and hope like refugees in Mediterranean Sea. Like invalids of persuasion we prefer the language of strength. We shoot remote control in our heads.We close our eyes not to see the problem and we take selfie. We prefer to force to love than love truly. Overwhelmed by money, we lose ourself. The pigeons of peace closed in chest. Maybe it is better to look into starry sky or maybe the sky looks on us? What do you get today? Show your cards. I am checking.
TIME TO SHOW MY HAND are the subjective illustrations presenting playing cards figures. Something like reality identification by cards. The key to solve mysterious illustrations are symbols: Heart - Love, Diamond - Money, Spade - War, Club - Fun. The concept is a 9 artprints printed on screen printing 32/22 cm on antalis quries matter paper and 70 packets of playing cards in 20 different patterns printed digitally on HP indigo. Packets printed in 5 colours. CMYK + PANTONE White.
The project has its worldwide premiere on London Illustration Fair LIF 2015 and the exhibition was created which vernissage had place in 2016 in Mostowa ArtCafe in Cracow.

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Jerzy Tchórzewski

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