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    Titchmarsh Cycles Branding

    Dan Titchmarsh came to Bomper for help with branding his new start up custom bicycle fabrication workshop. He makes quality custom road and off-road bicycles by hand in the UK. He builds in steel, titanium and stainless and welds with TIG and fillet brazing. Each bicycle he makes is a one-off and is tailored to fit the rider perfectly. Every frame is designed and individually handcrafted in his workshop near York on a commission basis.
    Who is Daniel Titchmarsh?

    Organised engineer type
    The Three most important things with custom bicycles – Fit, performance, and quality.
    Target Market
    Titchmarsh Cycles use design to translate a passion for the sport of cycling into understated, high performance frames, and to create a powerful niche brand that appeals to the dedicated cycling enthusiast.
    Titchmarsh Cycles want to create high performance frames that appeal to a sophisticated audience – avoiding the bright colours and low cost materials typically used in the sport and therefore putting design at the heart of the brand.

    The three most important things with custom bicycles are fit, performance, and quality. For all its growing mainstream popularity, cycling remains an intensely tribal sport. Enthusiasts for racing, touring or cycle commuting rarely mix, and even among those who use their bicycles basically as a means of transport, there are passionate sub-groups.
    Titchmarsh Cycles is aimed squarely at the most committed of the cycling niches: its products are bought by customers for whom cycling is a principal enthusiasm. Titchmarsh Cycles customers might race their bicycles or take part in the many semi-competitive events undertaken by thousands of enthusiastic cyclists each year. Or they might be ‘wannabe’ – or more kindly ‘apprentice’ – cyclists, whose love of the sport perhaps outweighs their active participation. These are customers who would be willing to spend more on their equipment to ensure that they were getting the very best, and with Titchmarsh Cycles, they would be.

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