• Susan E. Kavanagh

'To Lovers, Strangers And No One' [Dec 2020 - in progress] is an ode to memories, personal growth, and philosophy. A collection of paintings, attempts, words and shapes. It is an intimate, surrealistic space, where fluid, shapeless figures are the protagonists of a static performance, yet offering the perception of movement at the same time. It consists of an experimental work that aims at investigating a variety of media and techniques. Sketches and paintings, ranging from pencil, charcoal, crayons and oil, are accompanied by poems and personal reflections. Everything contributes to creating an oneiric reality on canvas, made of geometries and symbolism.

"Unequal Splitting / Queen Of Drama", charcoal on paper, 2021
"Self-portrait with something lost", charcoal pencil on paper, 2021
"Self-portrait I", charcoal pencil on paper, 2021
"Self-portrait II", charcoal pencil on paper, 2021
"Stories of Strangers: Story of Anonymous I" [Text by anonymous]
"Stories of Strangers: Story of Faye" [Text by Faye Robinson]
"Stories of Strangers: Story of Vitoria" [Text by Vitoria Parise Sanvicente]