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Wazifa is a way of worshipping ALLAH AZZA WA JAL to ask him for the solution of your problems and fulfillment of your wishes. People who take this as a spell will never be succeeded rather they will be distracted from right way. So what i have experienced in life is that do wazifa only as a worship of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL and then pray to HIM for your objective of doing the wazifa and leave the rest on ALLAH AZZA WA JAL with this faith that ALLAH IS GREAT AND CLEAN no matter HE fulfill my desire or not because HE better knows what is right and what is wrong. By this method i guarantee you that you will not indulge into Side Effects of a wazifa. Remember, people who do a wazifa with this intention that by doing this wazifa they are forcing ALLAH AZZA WA JAL to fulfill their desire or they will catch some angels or powers always get destroyed . So full integrity and true right faith and believe on ALLAH AZZA WA JAL is the key to success and safety in any wazifa. Secondly, always be punctual in five time prayers, cleanliness and reciting Darood Sharif is also very key factors in success of Wazaif.
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