Top manufacturers of premium quality Aluminium Extrusion in India

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Aluminium extruded products are widely used in manufacturing, appliances, automotive, energy, construction and more. Top Aluminium Extrusion Companies in India are striving to produce and meet the demand for aluminium extrusions.
The use of aluminium in all industries in various forms and customization is now popular due to its durability, resistance to other industrial metals, and flexibility.
The manufacturing process of extruded aluminium is done by forcing billets into predefined moulds and customisable to the desired shape. The billet in the moulds is put under high pressure to create cross-sectional profiles.
India is a country with a wide network of aluminium extrusion manufacturers. Below we will share with you the top aluminium manufacturers in India
Global Aluminium Private Limited
GLOBAL ALUMINIUM Private Limited is a company which is engaged in the manufacture of premium quality aluminium extrusions. This company is certified with ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by TUV SUD. This company has two advanced automated aluminium manufacturing units. The 2 units are located near each other at Kalakal Village in Medak in the state of Telangana.
Global Aluminium has an infrastructure with machines equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They cater to global demands with an installed capacity of 50,000 TPA which enables them to manufacture aluminium extrusions, do anodising processes, do custom precision machining facilities, and do aluminium powder coating processes. Everything is done according to the demand of all kinds of industries, be it automotive, electronics, aerospace, building, electrical, construction and architecture, automation, air treatment, defence, renewable energy segment and more.
We would like to give you a brief overview of Global Aluminium. The company was established in 1996 and is committed to producing premium quality aluminium extrusions with an extrusion pressure of up to 1000 tons.

Over time, Global Aluminium has grown to be among the top Aluminium Extrusion Company in India with a vision and mission to achieve the defined goal of sustainable development.
Now this company owns and operates 11 aluminium extrusion presses with a capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes every year.
This company has made a good start and has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of various aluminium profiles. Thus, it has developed expertise in the field of aluminium alloys for more than 25 years. It can meet the demands of world markets by exporting premium quality extruded aluminium to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Tukey, Australia, Spain, the Middle East, Kuwait, Argentina, China, Brazil and Russia. In this way, Global Aluminium can establish a world ranking.
Now, Global Aluminium draws all its capacity from its quality human resources and through the implementation of advanced technology and modern practice. The company is very successful due to its ability to focus on every detail concerning the overall structure.
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KMC Aluminium
KMC Aluminium is an aluminium extrusion manufacturing company based in Chennai. They are ISO certified on the quality of custom extruded products for all kinds of applications.
The company has a highly skilled team operating on state-of-the-art or cutting-edge technology, outstanding quality, and high precision, thus ensuring the durability of the finished products.
KMC's entry into the league as the top Aluminium Extrusion Companies has been incredible with their product quality reaching the world-class standard through their state-of-the-art facilities, materials and equipment and also their highly skilled and experienced teams.
This company has a state-of-the-art laboratory and facility to ensure the safety and quality of finished aluminium extrusions.
KMC has a proven track record of providing quality service with on-time delivery and a five-step quality control process in every manufacturing process from procurement to finishing to ensure the quality of the aluminium extrusion offered.
KMC's achievement is 700 tonnes of extruded products produced each month with an installed capacity of 8400 tonnes per year.
KMC's success in having many loyal customers is in the company's commitment to high quality, on-time delivery, competitive prices and satisfied customers.
KMC is one of the best in the south in Chennai and one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium extrusions in India.

AALCO impex Pvt Ltd
This company was earlier engaged in aluminium trading only, but AALCO Impex made the effort to enter into manufacturing in 2013 among the best aluminium extruders in India. With these in-house moulding facilities and imported raw materials, they rely on it to provide high-quality custom extrusions.
This company has a production capacity of 7200 MT per year and offers a range of up to 4000 product lines to customers.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art warehousing facility done in-house, AALCO Impex can enhance its production capacity.
Thus the company is very much focused on satisfying customers' demands, with a proud slogan, - "Aluminium extrusions made easy".
AALCO Impex is located in Chennai and is helping to meet the demands of the customers as well as being one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium extrusions in Chennai and India.

GTR Aluminium Pvt Ltd
GTR Aluminium Pvt Ltd is manufacturer of aluminium extrusions and aluminium alloy ingots. This company was established in 2005 in the state of Karnataka in Bengaluru, India. This company offers professional and industrial quality products with the use of high-quality raw materials.
Due to the quality delivered to the customers, a quality that shows durable finish, high strength and extensive performance, the finished aluminium products at GTR Aluminium are in high demand by the customers with international quality norms and standards required for complete customer satisfaction.
GTR Aluminium is a company that is committed to quality, innovation and perfection which has enabled it to attain the level of the top Aluminium Extrusion Companies. GTR Aluminium is part of the revolution in the use of aluminium in industries in India.
GTR Aluminium has a state-of-the-art plant, which is among the largest in terms of capacity. This plant follows the best quality standards and processes with rigorous checks and balances at all levels for premium quality production.
This company is thus involved in meeting the demand for aluminium extrusions in India through its technology and extensive facilities and also through its marketing networks.
GTR Aluminium has a very good reputation in the industry for its quality products and services. Dealers and consumers are fully benefited and satisfied. GTR Aluminium uses clean energy by favouring environmentally friendly wind power.
The company has expert teams and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with the latest technology. What makes the products of superior quality

Deccan Extrusions Pvt Ltd
Deccan Extrusions is an aluminium extrusion manufacturer located in Puducherry. The company manufactures over 2850 profiles from over 3000 dies. Of course, this company offers a range of extruded products to its customers.
The company has an in-house moulding unit with state-of-the-art technology for hardness, tensile, conductivity, ultrasonic, strength and caustic etching testing.
With its state-of-the-art technology in hand, Deccan strives to guarantee and ensure that customers are more than satisfied.
In conclusion, aluminium is the most widely used metal in manufacturing in the industry due to its durability and cost-reduction benefits. Now that innovation is improving in the use of solar energy and the aviation industry, aluminium will surely be in high demand. Top Aluminium Extrusion Companies in India such as Global Aluminium, which produces aluminium for the world market, and KMC Aluminium, which has withstood so many trials to show its R&D skills contribute to the development of the economy.
The future of aluminium extrusions in terms of demand will surely increase with a rapidly expanding economy.