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In Mumbai, Korus Steels is one of the largest Stainless Steel 310/310s Seamless Pipes Manufacturers. We have a large range of pipes and tubes made in Mumbai and around the world. Pipes and tubes are designed and manufactured to meet international quality standards. In Mumbai, India, Korus Steel is a well-known name for Stainless Steel 310/310s Seamless Pipes. We manufacture a wide variety of 310 310s pipes like 1 inch 310 – 310S stainless steel pipe and 10mm stainless steel 310 – 310S Pipe. Our primary aim is to maintain unparalleled quality and finish of all our products, right from procuring the raw material, to supplying the finished product. The quality of our products makes them the biggest assets for our clients. One of the most versatile and widely used stainless steel grades today is Stainless Steel 310/310s Seamless Pipe & Tubes. The corrosion resistance and strength at high temperatures are optimised in the majority of higher temperature materials. Stainless Steel Seamless 310S Pipes & Tubes (WNR 1.4845) withstand oxidation exceptionally well at temperatures up to 2000° F. We can also customise these industrial 310 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes to meet the needs of our customers or to the specifications of their designs. Korus Steel is known for producing the highest-quality 310 Stainless Steel Pipes. Typical Implementations Fluidised bed combustors, kilns, radiant tubes, tube hangers for petroleum refining and steam boilers, coal gasifier internal components, lead pots, thermowells, refractory anchor bolts, burners and combustion chambers, retorts, muffles, annealing covers, food processing equipment, cryogenic structures are all examples of Grade 310/310S. These grades have a chromium content of 25% and a nickel content of 20%, making them very resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Grade 310S has a lower carbon content, making it less susceptible to embrittlement and sensitization in service. These steels can be used in decreasing sulphur atmospheres including H2S because of their high chromium and medium nickel content. Types of Stainless steel 310 301s pipes that we manufacture. Stainless Steel 310/310s Seamless Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Welded Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Round Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Square Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Rectangular Pipe Custom Stainless Steel 310/310s Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Polished Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Thick Wall Pipe Stainless Steel 310/310s Thin Wall Pipe We also manufacture Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT pipes. Our other products Buttweld Pipe Fittings Flanges Round bars Fasteners Sheets, Plates and Coils Contact us! Phone: +919819796556 E-mail: Product source: Website: Address: 30/2, Dhiraj Bhavan, Sindhi lane, Mumbai 400 004, India.