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Indian, although a diverse country in many aspects, is still not acceptable of inter-cast love marriages. Love marriage itself gives most parents shivers. With our Indian culture and immense love for each other in the family, we hardly have personal decisions. Be it about career, further studies, a place to stay or about marriage, our parents, as well as our families, have a lot to say.
It does not matter whether you want it or not, but as long as your parents think it is worth it, you have to do it. However, if you feel pressurized into marrying someone you do not want to and want to help your parents understand, consult the best inter-cast love marriage specialist Amar Sharma to solve your problems in minutes.
Reasons why your Parents may be against love-marriage
There are multiple reasons why your parents do not wish for you to get married to a person who is not of your cast. Here are some popular reasons:
  • Parents do not want you to marry on your own terms
  • They do not like the other party.
  • Your parents are concerned about what the society will say about you and your marriage.
  • They feel as if you will not be happy as you are not competent enough to make your own choices.
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