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This is the start of what I hope will be an ongoing project challenging toxic masculinity and other harmful gender norms.
Feminism is an issue to be confronted by all, and therefore so are toxic gender norms. I firmly believe that in the fight for equality we must challenge the most uncomfortable, the deepest and most ingrained stereotypes and norms we hold. 
How can women or non-cisgendered peoples gain equal rights to cis-gendered men - when those very same men aren't by and large raised, to admit wrong doing, show vulnerability or address the reasons behind their behaviour?
If they are not encouraged to do that how can they be expected to reflect, analyse and discuss their feelings, beliefs and the resulting consequences of their institutions and behaviours?
I believe it is imperative to break down all gendered and exclusive barriers so that we might build more inclusive societies.
Brilliant projects like We Are Man Enough and Project84 from CALM have launched toxic masculinity and it's effects on mental health and our society into the public sphere. These inspirational projects have shown how masculinity norms will inevitably harm us all in some way.
I hope these images will be a small part of this movement by encouraging regularisation of norm breaking images. I start here with portraits of men showing vulnerability - admittedly simple - but assuredly missing from our saturated media landscape.
My heartfelt thanks to Khariis Ubiaro for sharing these moments with us.

If anyone interested in taking part in this project please do get in touch, I would love to discuss the topics with as many different points of view as I can.

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Opal Turner
Creative & Project Manager